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"This class is rudimental,
experiential, and developmental.
Learn the lingo, get up to grips,
let's start by loosening those hips."

#fundamentals #mobility #bodyawareness #individualalignment #strongfoundations

For the body 

This class is all about understanding the fundamental postures and how they feel in the body. Everyone has a unique anatomy, you'll be taught adaptations of poses, focussing on the pose intention rather than aesthetic. 

START classes have a stretched out warm up and cool down into relaxation. Slowing the class down, means you'll get to feel the posture deeper and sometimes stronger as you hold them for longer. You'll be encouraged to wiggle/ find ease amidst the intensity. You'll work on total body flexibility and strength. The class is sequenced balanced, and includes optional rest periods, the flow feeling good in the body. 

You'll be motivated and guided to breathe consciously, feel yourselves more subtly through the breath. 

For the mind

It will be hard not to be in the moment of this class as you focus on connecting with body and breath, great for settling a busy mind. By the end, you'll feel a calm sense of achievement for moving in the direction of health and wellbeing or trying something new. 


Slow / slow to dynamic

Hands on 

You'll be helped find your alignment, where you can best feel the intention of the pose, or you'll be assisted deeper into the stretch.


You don't have to be a starter to benefit from this class. START is open to all.

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