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Muladhara Chakra




Self - preservation


Good health & vitality Comfortable in the body Well grounded Have trust in the world Feeling safe and secure Ability to relax and be still Stability Prosperity Right livlihood
Materialism: Overemphasis on material possessions and wealth. Excessive Attachment: Clinging to people or situations for security. Hoarding Tendencies: Accumulating possessions beyond practical needs. Overly Cautious: Excessive fear or anxiety about survival issues. Rigidity: Stubbornness and resistance to change. Overeating or Undereating: Using food as a means of coping with stress. Workaholism: Overcommitment to work to the detriment of personal life. Lack of Flexibility: Difficulty adapting to new circumstances.
Lack of Stability: Feeling ungrounded or lacking a sense of stability. Financial Instability: Struggling with financial issues or insecurity. Fear of Change: Resistance to change and a fear of the unknown. Chronic Disorganisation: Difficulty in organising and managing tasks. Feeling Ungrounded: Experiencing a sense of disconnection from the body. Low Energy Levels: Lack of vitality and persistent fatigue. Lack of Discipline: Difficulty in establishing and maintaining routines. Insecure Relationships: Struggling with feelings of insecurity in relationships.


The body  Foundation  Survival  Roots Grounding  Nourishment  Trust  Health Home Family  Prosperity
Move your body Change your diet, keep a food diary Try something new - experience, hobby Build a connection to nature Body scanning meditation Read “Feel the fear & do it anyway” by S. Jeffers Learn to take baby steps & celebrate small wins Breath-work and Body scan meditation Yin yoga to practice stillness Balancing yoga poses: Child’s pose, tree pose (Grounding)


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