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This section will provide you with the guidance and support necessary to ensure that you become a well-rounded, truly exceptional yoga teacher, fully equipped with the skills and resources necessary to excel in the yoga industry.

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You'll learn the essential skills for teaching yoga. How to correctly cue classes, (verbally, visually, physically) and gauge misalignments students often make and instead focusing on the deeper myofascial meridian lines, using physics - opposite reaction principles to allow the poses to feel less heavy / joint compressive. ​ You'll find your voice, discover your powerful message, and learn how to sequence intelligently and progressively.  We'll also cover other methodologies, pace, environment, class management and much more. 

In addition to these core topics, we will go into the necessary business and professional development skills for a successful yoga teaching career. This includes timeliness, consistency, cleanliness, marketing, promotion, liability insurance, waivers, and invoicing.

We have spent many many years perfecting our teaching and we are passionate about sharing our methods and experience with you, so that you can become the best you can be and reach your full potential. With the combination of feedback, hands-on practice, and mentorship, you will be fully prepared to share your knowledge and love of yoga with your students. 

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