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Studio Sessions

A bit about myself...

I love singing, dancing, keeping fit, immersing myself in nature, and having a good belly laugh!

Eight and a half years ago, during a particularly challenging season of life, I made a YouTube search for at home yoga classes and the rest is history! Yoga, mindfulness, and intentional living has truly changed my life and now I'm really passionate about finding ways to infuse joy in to any and all parts of my days. I love exploring concepts to do with yoga philosophy, spirituality, mindset, health and fitness, and more. I'm also obsessed with my husband and my twin boys, adore spending time with friends, and am always up for an adventure!

Describe your teaching style...

I think I prefer to consider myself a yoga guide, leading people through the maze of information and options available and helping them to identify the concepts and practices which work best for them. I've found yoga to be so transformative that I get really excited about helping people discover ways to positively impact their lives. I'm really passionate about yoga being inclusive and I believe that everybody can benefit from doing it so I try to infuse that into my classes so that no one is scared off by preconceived notions of what it is to be a yogi. lalso am really lit up by helping people connect, to themselves, to others, and to something greater than themselves as I think that that's where the true magic lies.

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