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"Those that think moving at all's a chore,
meditation is the one to go for.
Amidst life's hustle, find your core,
In stillness, discover so much more."

#mindfulness #yoganidra #mantra #focus #concentration #contemplation

For the body 

  1. Physical Impact :   In STILL classes, movement may be minimal, but the impact on the body can be profound. Thoughts hold the power to influence how our bodies feel and even bring about physical changes.

  2. Calm Mind, Relaxed Body :  A calm mind leads to a relaxed body. This, in turn, reduces stress hormones like adrenaline and improves heart health by lowering blood pressure. What's more, a more balanced physiological state enhances immune function and aids better sleep.

In these classes, we offer tools to move beyond the limitations of the body and tap into the potential of the mind, which can affect healing and overall well-being.

For the mind

  1. Sharper Focus and Memory: Through mindful awareness, you can sharpen your focus, remember things more effectively, and enhance your ability to make decisions.

  2. Neuroplasticity and Adaptability: By becoming aware of limiting thought patterns and consciously choosing more helpful and empowering thoughts, we can influence our brain's neuroplasticity to create healthier mental and emotional states. By vividly imagining desired outcomes and experiences, we can create new neural pathways, effectively rewiring our brains to support positive changes in behavior, health, and well-being. 

For Self-Discovery 

  1. Inner Exploration :  STILL classes encourage the exploration of inner realms. You can unveil deeper insights into your true self and purpose. In the silence, you can tap into the power of your imagination, aligning your internal state with your desires. 

  2. Guidance and Knowledge :  Meditation creates a space for guidance from universal intelligence, connecting you with higher understanding and wisdom beyond your conscious mind. 

  3. Tapping into Abilities :  Extraordinary experiences become possible when you access deeper states of consciousness. Shifting your consciousness allows you to influence outcomes in your life and bring about desired changes.




While meditation is generally considered safe and beneficial for most, there are certain situations where some should exercise caution or consult with a healthcare professional before joining. (Severe mental health conditions, trauma survivors, especially those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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