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Ajna Chakra


Pattern recognition




Intuition Insightful Perception Inner Wisdom Clarity of Thought Awareness of Higher Self Trusting Intuitive Guidance Psychic Abilities Visualisation Skills Spiritual Awareness Seeing Beyond Illusions Connection to Inner Guidance Enhanced Imagination Open-mindedness Understanding Symbolism Deep Inner Knowing
Overactive Imagination: Experiencing an overwhelming and uncontrolled imagination. Obsessions. Escaping Reality: Using fantasy or daydreaming as a way to avoid real-world challenges. Delusions or Hallucinations: Perceiving things that may not be rooted in reality. Overanalysing: Constantly analysing and overthinking situations. Difficulty Focusing: A scattered mind, difficulty concentrating on specific tasks. Insomnia or Sleep Disturbances: Difficulty in achieving restful sleep due to an overactive mind. Nightmares Difficulty concentrating. Overemphasis on Psychic Abilities: Becoming overly focused on developing psychic or intuitive abilities.
Lack of Intuition: Feeling disconnected from inner guidance. Closed-mindedness: Resisting new ideas and perspectives. Difficulty Concentrating: Difficulty focusing on tasks or maintaining attention. Poor vision. Lack of Clarity: Feeling mentally foggy or confused. Poor memory. Poor dream recall. Lack of imagination and Inability to Visualise. Dismissal of Intuitive Insights: Ignoring or dismissing gut feelings or intuition. Polarised views (one truth, one way, black/white) Lack of Insight: Feeling disconnected from deeper understanding. Difficulty Making Decisions: Feeling uncertain or indecisive.


Physical discomfort or pressure in the forehead. Headaches or Migraines. Vision problems. Mental fog or confusion.
Daily meditation and yoga to centre and calm the mind Engage in creative activities (art, music, writing) Play memory games Take a “Truths & Values” assessment Breathing practice Create lists and tick off tasks Journaling Declutter your mind (Free flow writing)


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