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Sahasrara Chakra






Open-minded Inner Peace and Serenity Spiritual Connection & Higher Self Awareness Connection to Universal Consciousness Ability to Perceive, Analyse & Assimilate Information Wisdom and Mastery (big picture view on life) Alignment with Divine Purpose Receiving Divine Guidance
Spiritual Overwhelm: Feeling overwhelmed by spiritual experiences or insights. Disconnection from Reality: Escaping into spiritual realms to avoid real-world responsibilities. Intellectual Overemphasis: Overemphasis on spiritual concepts to the neglect of practical matters. Spacey or Detached Behaviour: Being overly disconnected from the present moment. Judgmental Attitude: Towards those perceived as less spiritually evolved. Lack of Practicality: Difficulty in applying insights to practical, everyday life.
Learning difficulties. Discontent. Lack of Purpose. Feeling Uninspired. Rigid belief systems. Limiting beliefs. Closed-mindedness. Spiritual cynicism. Resistance to Change. Intellectual Overemphasis: Difficulty connecting with intuitive or spiritual insights. Disconnected from Universal Energy: Feeling cut off from the universal flow of energy. Ego Dominance.


Headaches and Migraine. Dizziness. Forgetfulness and Amnesia. Intellectual Overemphasis. Cognitive delusions. Sleep Disturbances: Difficulties with sleep, including insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns. Energetic Sensitivity: Some individuals may report heightened sensitivity to light, sound, or energy.
Bodywork, Body scan meditation Massage All tactile activities (get out of your head and into your body) Notice if there’s anything in life you are not allowing and work to overcome the limiting belief Take a “Truths & Values” assessment Vision board your best self


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