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Anahata Chakra


Love and balance


Self acceptance and acceptance of others


Unconditional Love & Self-Love Compassion Empathy Generosity Kindness Acceptance Peaceful & Balanced Connection to Others Harmonious Relationships Good immune system Healing Energy
Overemphasising Others' Needs. Overextending for Others. Overly Sacrificing. Difficulty Establishing Boundaries. Unconditional Giving: Giving without considering one's own needs or limits. Emotional Codependency: Relying excessively on others for emotional support. Idealising Relationships: Putting relationships on a pedestal, leading to disappointment. Clinging. Jealous. Demanding. Difficulty Saying No: Feeling compelled to say yes even when it's not in one's best interest. Overwhelming Empathy: Absorbing others' emotions to the detriment of personal well-being.
Critical, Judgemental, Intolerant (of self & others). Narcissism. Lack of Empathy: Difficulty understanding and connecting with others' emotions. Isolation and Withdrawal. Lonely. Feeling Unloved or Unworthy. Difficulty Trusting Others. Fear of Rejection: Avoiding vulnerability due to fear of rejection. Difficulty Forgiving: Holding onto grudges or past hurts. Trouble Connecting Emotionally. Avoidance of Intimacy.


Disorders of the heart, lungs, breasts, arms. Shortness of breath, Asthma. Circulatory problems. Immune system deficiency. Tension in shoulders, pain in the chest.
Follow your own inspiration - what do you want to do inside Visualisation exercises (confidence, new relationships) Repeat daily affirmations Attend a group experience Get a pet that needs a lot of care and attention (eg dog) Take a “Truths & Values” assessment Healing yoga poses: all heart/chest opening poses Read “Attached” by A.Levine & R. Heller Observe your emotional triggers, keep a daily journal Introduce a Self-care routine Learn to say no Learn to enjoy your own company


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