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Manipura Chakra






Responsible, reliable Inner Strength, Self-Confidence Positive Self-Image Warm personality Spontaneity, playfulness & good sense of humour Self-discipline & will Independence Decision-making Ability Good sense of personal power Able to deal with challenges
Dominant Ego: An overinflated sense of self-importance and dominance. Need to be right. Controlling Behaviour. Stubborn. Competitiveness: An excessive need to compete and prove oneself superior. Hyperactive. Aggression: Dominating, confrontational behaviour. Intolerance: A lack of patience and tolerance for others' viewpoints. Arrogance: Displaying an attitude of superiority or condescension. Workaholism: Overcommitting to work or tasks to validate self-worth. Seeking Approval: Constantly seeking external validation and approval. Attracted to suppressants.
Low Self-esteem: Feeling unworthy or lacking in self-confidence. Indecisiveness: Difficulty making decisions and asserting oneself. Unreliable. Poor self-discipline. Passivity: Allowing others to take control and avoiding confrontation. Weak Will: Easy to manipulate. Self-doubt: Consistently questioning one's abilities and worth. Fear of Rejection: Avoiding risks due to fear of failure or rejection. Lack of Assertiveness: Difficulty expressing one's needs and opinions. Chronic Fatigue: Feeling a lack of energy and vitality. Victim Mentality. Attracted to Stimulants.


Muscular spasms & disorders. Low Energy Levels : Lack of vitality, fatigue. Low blood sugar or diabetes. High blood pressure. Disorders in the stomach, liver, gallbladder. Digestive problems. Gas, bloating, or stomachaches. Ulcers or Indigestion. Eating disorders.
Yin yoga Meditation (on emotions coming and going) Channel pinned up energy through chanting and mantra Learn to allow things to happen Find a healthy outlet for competing, keeping active, achieving - chess, body building etc. Make small decisions and stick to it (eg attend a social event) Watch your words, only speak the truth and keep your promises Keep warm with tea, baths, warm water bottle, physical movement Create Mood-boards and Vision-boards


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