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Svadhisthana Chakra


Movement and connection




Graceful movement Emotional Balance Healthy Sexuality Ability to experience pleasure Healthy Relationships Nurturing nature (towards self & others) Flexibility and Adaptability (able to change) Healthy boundaries Balanced Desire Openness to Pleasure
Overindulgence: Excessive consumption of food, drink, or pleasure. Addictive Behaviour: Tendency towards addictive patterns, such as substance abuse. Emotional Overreaction: Dramatic emotional responses to situations. Boundary Issues: Difficulty maintaining healthy emotional and physical boundaries. Sexual Promiscuity: Engaging in excessive or impulsive sexual behavior. Mood Swings: Rapid and intense fluctuations in mood. Dependency: Relying too heavily on others for emotional support. Lack of Discipline: Difficulty in maintaining a balanced and disciplined lifestyle.
Low Libido: Lack of interest or vitality in sexual experiences. Emotional Numbness: Difficulty experiencing or expressing emotions. Creativity Block: Feeling uninspired or having difficulty accessing creativity. Social Isolation: Avoidance of social interactions and connections. Fear of Intimacy: Difficulty forming close and intimate relationships. Rigid Boundaries: Difficulty in establishing flexible and healthy boundaries. Low Self-Worth: Feeling unworthy or lacking in self-esteem. Lack of Passion: Absence of enthusiasm or passion in daily life.


Sluggish circulation Disorders in the reproductive organs, urinary system Menstrual difficulties Sexual dysfunction Low back pain, lack of flexibility Deadened senses (appetite, motivation etc)
Observe emotions arising, label them Practice non reaction Practise Self-love (mirror work) and Self-care Learn to enjoy time alone Massage, self myofascial release Write and read out affirmations Slow paced yoga - notice the emotions and thoughts coming up Create Mood-boards and Vision-boards Write a letter to yourself as a child Spend some time behaving as a child (child’s mindset)


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