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Vishuddha Chakra


Communication and creativity




Clear Communication Authentic Expression Honest Self-Communication Creative Living Speaking Your Truth Listening with Understanding Effective Articulation Confidence in Speech Vocal Clarity Expressing Ideas Clearly Openness to Learning from Others Integrity in Communication Finding the Right Words Communication Balance Good sense of rhythm & timing
Overly Dominant Communication. Speaking Without Thinking. Overuse of Silence: Difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings, leading to extended periods of silence. Overemphasis on Detail: Getting caught up in minor details and losing sight of the bigger picture. Difficulty Listening. Tendency to Gossip. Nervous Energy in Communication.
Small or Weak Voice. Tone Deaf or Poor Rhythm. Difficulty Expressing Thoughts. Fear of Public Speaking. Inability to Assert Opinions. Communication Inhibition. Limited Self-expression: Feeling restricted in self-expression, both verbally and creatively. Social Anxiety. Introversion or Shyness. Fear of Being Judged. Difficulty Setting Boundaries.


Throat Tension or Soreness Disorders of the throat, neck, ears, voice Thyroid problems, respiratory issues, speech disorders. Tightness in the jaw. Toxicity in the body.
Practise active listening Observe nature in silence Meditate on inner voice Try days of silence or Vipassana Remove self-judgement Speak to yourself out loud Record yourself (dictaphone/camera) Sing or dance alone Journal daily observations, clarify feelings Take small brave actions


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