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Get ready to experience the full range of yoga's potential, with all the physical, emotional, and mental practices within ‘Skills’.

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Uncover tools to support you to develop an even stronger sense of self and personal relationship. The stronger you are on all levels, the more authentic and successful a teacher you will become.

How you can switch the focus of a yoga practice, teaching from outer to inner.

In the physical body practice section, you’ll learn postures and movement that'll boost your overall health and wellbeing. With an in-depth study of each pose, youll understand their effects and what it takes to properly ground, support and express, creating more steadiness and ease in the body. You'll know how to align based on individual anatomy, how to modify to best suit various needs and how the postures can be grouped together, integrated and counterbalanced. 

The subtle body practices are designed to help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, developing a deeper awareness of self. You’ll learn various breathing techniques that can help balance the nervous system, increase energy and life force, and promote greater mental clarity and emotional stability. This section also covers the energy centres (chakras). By exploring these centres you can gain clarity, direction and create more balance and harmony in your life. 

The causal body practices help to sharpen concentration and focus, increase mental clarity, and cultivate insight and wisdom. You’ll be guided through various meditative practices that can help you to gain greater control over your thoughts and feelings, so that you can create the life you love. 

This section will allow you will feel more connected, more grounded, and more empowered on and off the mat. Learn how to use the power of yoga to transform your life!

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